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Sometimes, when you land on a website, you’re not sure where to go first. Be practical and get started by making small choices. We all feel good when we make good decisions for our own benefit. Keep your eyes on the prize: health!

Especially if you are over age 50, we are dedicated to show you how important it is to invest in your health. Because if you just do what everyone else is doing, you’ll probably have a big waistline, small thighs, and chronic metabolic syndrome. That’s not how you’re going to reach age 65, nor is it how you want to be when you’re age 85… because today’s 65-year-old woman will live to be age 85 on the average. And that’s decades of health or sickness.

Age healthy! Get your health back!

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Getting Started: Being Practical     


Aging Over 50   AgingBlackWomen 



Blueberry Orange Walnut Scones 






The Cost of US Healthcare
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10 Complications of Diabetesdiabetes-1326964_640 




Alcohol Causes Cancer 







10 Health Benefits of the Low-Glycemic Diet 


5 Supplements and Prostate Cancer


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