When my grandmother died of diabetes, she was getting dialysis three days a week. I swore that I would never get diabetes. Five years ago, I was given the diagnosis of Pre-diabetes and I changed everything I did: I’m 40 lbs lighter, have more energy, and now I pass it on to you. ~ Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD

Margaret Aranda is Stanford-trained in both anesthesiology and critical care. A graduate of Keck USC Medical School, she was the Interim Chief of Anesthesiology at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center during 9/11, as an Assistant Professor of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

For several decades, she watched patients with Type 2 diabetes undergo leg amputations, blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, pain, and then dialysis. Dialysis three times a week led to headaches and fatigue such that many patients simply lost their quality of life and zest for living. For the few “lucky” ones, their second chance at life came at a huge price: kidney transplantation and lifelong use of steroids to stop rejection of the new kidney. She saw patients get infections, go into septic shock and death. Or they would simply have a silent heart attack and die suddenly, because they can’t feel chest pain.

Thinking that medicine is “better than that”, she now helps you forsee the future of your particular health situation before it happens. Based on your symptoms and laboratory tests, the diagnoses of chronic inflammation, chronic metabolic syndrome, and pre-diabetes are now available to deter you from a horrific sequelae of US aging: getting diabetes. Read her articles on pre-diabetes, diabetesaging over 50, chronic metabolic syndrome, high-intensity interval training, and the low-glycemic diet on her site, thechroniclifediet.com. Named after her next book, The Chronic Life Diet, you will be empowered to change the metabolism of your aging body.

There are many ways to live, and living for health takes some work. What is the “recipe” for aging healthy? It’s no secret: correct hormone imbalance, exercise to lose fat, and eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Team up and don’t go it alone!

Now a Fellow at Cenegenics® Age Management Medicine, she is pivoted to change your course in life. Get your no-obligation consult with Dr. Margaret Aranda by simply scheduling here.


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