10 Health Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Studies show that 7 minutes of high-intensity interval training, HIIT, three times per week is as effective as 60 minutes of cardio five times per week. Set your intensity, total time, work-to-rest ratio, and combine with warm-up and cool-down. A sample HIIT Formula is below:


10 Health Benefits of HIIT:

  1. Increase oxygen consumption. Keep utilizing oxygen, even hours after a workout.
  2. Burn more calories. Versus a traditional cardio workout, burning calories with HIIT can last up to 48 hours.
  3. Increase metabolic rate.
  4. Lose fat.
  5. Build lean muscle. Muscle mitochondria activity increases moreso than regular cardio, helping you to keep or build muscle mass, instead of losing it as your weight drops.
  6. Boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  7. Reduce abdominal fat. Decreases visceral fat surrounding the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and 27 feet of intestines.
  8. Improve insulin resistance with metabolic syndrome. A study of 22 sedentary adults age 63 showed that after 6 weeks, increased insulin sensitivity and oxygen uptake occurred, with a decrease in cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, abdominal fat, and total % body fat. A study of sixty-six subjects with metabolic syndrome (not yet with type 2 diabetes) improved the quality of insulin and its effects at 4HIIT. A 2017 study of 65 patients with metabolic syndrome showed low-volume HIIT (51 min/week) was as effective as high-volume HIIT (114 min/week) or moderate-activity, continuous training (150 min/week).
  9. Improved cardiorespiratory fitness and glucose levels in women. Versus moderate cardio, a study of short-term HIIT in 18 obese, young women found the workouts were perceived to be easier and more time-efficient.
  10. Improved resting blood pressure. A study of 39 aging, sedentary, aging men, improved resting blood pressure, cardiovascular function and metabolic activity.


Talk to your doctor about the benefits of high-intensity interval training.

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