I Might Have Prediabetes

If you have been told that you “might” have pre-diabetes, then consider that you “do” have it. That’s because you can prevent death and disability through some very bad actors that would hit you at about the same time you could be chasing your children or grandchildren.

My grandmother died of kidney failure due to diabetes, and I was diagnosed with it five years ago. I changed my diet and lifestyle, lost 40 pounds, and reversed it.

As a former anesthesiologist and critical care doctor, I saw the life of a diabetic: toe and leg amputations, dialysis shunt placements, kidney transplantations, and debridement of many wound infections. It’s best to keep yourself away from needing any of these scenarios. That’s why I want you to reverse prediabetes!

Prediabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar that is not high enough for the diagnosis of diabetes. Without lifestyle changes, prediabetes leads to diabetes in this manner: high blood sugar, oxidative damage, chronic inflammation, chronic metabolic syndrome, and full-blown diabetes.

Prediabetes is an invisible illness affecting 84.1 million US adults – that is 1 out of 3 people. If prediabetes is a new diagnosis for you, then count yourself lucky because 9 out of 10 US adults are undiagnosed, and therefore have no motivation to reverse it.


Reversing Prediabetes

Reverse prediabetes with a low-glycemic diet and exercise. Diet helps lower blood sugar by not putting sugar into your bloodstream in the first place. Exercise drives blood glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells, for molecular energy. Exercise is also anti-inflammatory.

The great news is that if you have a diagnosis of prediabetes, you can focus on diet and exercise to cut your risk of full-blown, Type II diabetes in half. 

If you’ve been told that you “might” have prediabetes, it is best to act like you “do”.

~ Margaret Aranda, MD

That’s preventive medicine, the best kind.

~ ~ ~


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