Correcting Chronic Metabolic Syndrome

Do you have chronic metabolic syndrome? You do if you have 3 of these 5:

1. A large waistline. Almost 2 billion people are obese, a pro-inflammatory state that leads to DNA damage and disease. Also known as central adiposity, having a large waistline isn’t just about appearing non-glamorous. That is because you need to visualize that the fat is not just under the skin.

Fat surrounds the liver, infiltrating it, and changing its general composition such that it gets a new name: fatty liver. Many with fatty liver started out with insulin resistance, which happens when too much glucose (sugar) is in the blood and insulin no longer works to lower it. Instead of being metabolized away by insulin, the liver “sees” an overload of glucose; it has no choice but to convert the glucose to fat. Some fat around the liver is normal, but if fat content reaches just 5-10% by weight, it’s fatty liver.

If you’re obese, diabetic, and drink alcohol, stop. That’s because a main cause of fatty liver is alcohol.

With central adiposity, fat also covers the kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, and 27 feet of intestines. The treatment for fatty liver is: diet and exercise. ptimize anti-inflammatory foods and avoid triggers of inflammation.

Obesity Hamburger

2. High blood pressure. In America, 33.5% of adults have hypertension. This means that with each and every heartbeat, too much pressure pounds on the arterial wall, causing oxidative stress damage that fractures the vessel wall. In the extreme, this weakens the vessel to the point that it bursts; this kind of damage to an artery in the brain causes a stroke; in the heart tissue itself, it causes a heart attack.

On a molecular level, every artery in the body is affected. End-stage disease happens as the eyes go blind, the penis fails to get erect, the heart itself fails to get its own blood supply, or the kidneys dwindle then fail at filtering the blood.


3. High blood sugar. Also known as glucose intolerance, a high blood glucose leads to chronic inflammation and disease. A whopping 34% of adults are diagnosed with high blood sugar, a state that happens when too much carbohydrate or sugar are consumed for insulin to drive it out of the bloodstream and into the cells.

High blood sugar is not compatible with life, or quality of life. If your sugars lead to insulin-dependent diabetes, then you are looking at a life spent living hour-to-hour watching the clock for your next injection of insulin. Even if you are a regular diabetic “just taking insulin”, it’s still a huge matter. In the US, recombinant insulin is made, rather than extracting it from the pancreas of animals. This leads to a high cost of insulin.. and there are the syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, and the sharps containers…


By the time you get used to this life, your future may be that of a “brittle” diabetic, wherein the doses of insulin don’t even have the same effect – you “overshoot” or “undershoot” glucose levels, to the point where it is life-threatening. If this doesn’t happen, the best hope you may have is dialysis or a kidney transplantation, neither of which is an easy life to live. With dialysis three days a week, you get a big headache and fatigue. You may not be able to do much of what you once enjoyed in life. If you get a kidney transplantation, you could spend the rest of your life worrying about kidney rejection, taking many strong and expensive drugs to suppress your immune system.

If you have obesity and diabetes, they lead to cancer, heart disease, liver disease, and arthritis.

4 & 5. High triglycerides + Low HDL = Dyslipoproteinemia. Over 100 million adults have high cholesterol, which can be broken down into various lipoprotein fractions that weigh different amounts.


The breakdown of low density lipoprotein versus high density lipoprotein, or HDL versus LDL, is important because LDL is Lethal and HDL is Helpful. Floating LDL causes blood vessel clotting and blockages, the most dangerous of which is in the heart itself, causing a heart attack. Increase HDL by exercising.

What to Do: If you acquired chronic metabolic syndrome as an adult, chances are that it took decades to develop it. To reverse it, the best choices are diet and exercise. Keep up an antiinflammatory, low-glycemic diet, and get started at reversing chronic metabolic syndrome. It’s doable, especially if you are over 50 and your future health is in jeopardy of continuing on a downward slope as metabolism and hormones dwindle. Put another way, if nothing has helped you lose weight as you age, first correct your hormone levels.

Be positive. Others have lost over 100 lbs, gone off insulin, outgrew the need for hypertension and cholesterol-lowering drugs, and you can do it, too. Enlist the serious help of your doctor, one who is not obese herself.

The best news is that you have the power. You’ve always had it.

Because the power to overcome the end-stage diseases of chronic metabolic syndrome are found in two free places: your mind and your mouth.

Follow up on your willpower.

You can do it.

~ ~ ~

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Correcting Chronic Metabolic Syndrome

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