Getting Started: Being Practical


When faced with making optimal eating choices destined for your body’s greatness, be practical. Decide what kind of general choices you will begin to make as a habit, especially if you are aging over 50. Each choice is individual and can change with time. In the low-glycemic diet for example, one person may not eat bread at all, while another eats only whole grain, sprouted bread.

With the low glycemic diet, get used to making choices:

Eating carbs with a protein or a fat changes macronutrient absorption (versus eating bread by itself, for example) by slowing the rate of carb absorption into the bloodstream. This avoids getting an elevated glucose level, lowers insulin levels, and decreases an elevated blood HbA1C level.Whew! Just what the doctor ordered!

The constant, daily and abnormal, elevated insulin level found with high the typical American glycemic diet leads to a situation where the body cannot motilize fat for energy, even if you are limiting calories and working out. In this case, your body composition will not improve. Limit sugar, alcohol (it causes cancer) (it causes cancer), and processed foods right away.

If you’re over age 50, think about your hormone levels: testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, cortiosol, just to name a few. Without optimal hormone levels, for example, pain medications will not work as effectively. 

And don’t forget that the people who succeed in life have an undeterred, persevering attitude and know how to spend time meditating, exercising and BURSTING outdoors to live life. Those behaviors also decrease cancer. And if you are disabled and unable to move freely, the extra stressors on the body causes stress that can be alleviated by bed exercises, as counterintuitive as it may sound. Get your heart and muscles limbered up and pumping to the tunes of your favorite music.  Remember that music decreases pain, anxiety and depression.

Cherish the moments with family and friends. Bless those around you and be thankful for all who affect your path as you just wouldn’t be who you are without them. You are awesome and amazing and you know how to be the best you can be, so do it for your own life and yourself, too. 

Don’t put retirement into pre-diabetes, diabetes syringes or heart attacks. Put some into prevention, the best medicine. Then put the rest into traveling, entertainment, or your grandchildren!

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  ~ Hippocrates 


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