10 Health Benefits of the Low-Glycemic Diet


If you’re like the average (obese) American adult or child, your eating habits could change for the better. With 2018 upon us, it’s time to look at your waistline. Choosing foods with a low glycemic index means choosing fat mobilization and energizing yourself in many ways:

10 Health Benefits of the Low-Glycemic Diet

  1. Stops sugar cravings. Eating less sugar means fewer sugar “highs”, sugar “crashes”, and craving sugar. Kids can also have fewer cavities.
  2. Mobilize fat. With high glucose in the bloodstream after eating sugar, pasta, or bread, it is impossible to use fat for energy.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. Inflammatory markers in the bloodstream indicate that organ function calms.
  4. Feel full after meals. Besides post-meal satiety, many gain positive reinforcement by finishing a low-glycemic meal without that, “I ate too much” feeling that leaves you feeling yucky.
  5. Improve fatigue. Low-glycemic means no more sugar crashes in the afternoon, and zero chance at getting busted from taking a nap on your desk ;).
  6. Lose total body fat. Preventing obesity is especially important for our children, who may not outlive their parents.
  7. Reverse and prevent diabetes. That’s right, it is possible to eat and exercise your way off insulin.
  8. Prevent heart disease instead of dying from heart attack or stroke.
  9. Cure hypertension. Many lose so much weight on the low-glycemic diet that they go off blood pressure medications.
  10. Energize! Feel good after eating – so good that you’ll “Never go back!” to old habits, but will keep moving onward and forward!

Stay with us on The Chronic Life Diet to optimize health, vitality and longevity!

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10 Health Benefits of the Low-Glycemic Diet

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