So pleased to meet you! We believe you can re-invent yourself one spoon at a time and from the inside out with The Chronic Life Diet new book by Dr. Margaret Aranda MD. Her biggest qualification for writing this book is having lived through it for five years with these results (still getting better, too!):

Weight loss: lost 40 lbs and never went hungry. Just learned to eat foods that benefit my body, and make eating decisions one moment at a time. One of the most helpful hints: Just buy good foods. Shop for the basics in the vegetable section, spending little time in the aisles but for nuts, water, eggs.

Medications: I slowly peeled away all prescription drugs. You are NOT recommended to do so without your doctor’s permission. In my case, the benefits outweighed the risks: I was dying and needed extreme measures.

Quality of Life. Whereas before, I was bed-bound, now I can walk.

The basis is whole foods with low-glycemic (low carb), low sugar, fat-burning, and nutrient-dense items chosen in preference to processed, packaged, or fast-food!

Start today by reshaping your future and re-inventing yourself while there still is time. It’s not that hard to FEEL GOOD about what you eat & keep at it to persevere through a self-makeover. Because you are destined for greatness!

🍇Enjoy our organic spot 🍇showcasing The Last Grapes of the Season ! 😂

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Recipes by Dr. Margaret Aranda:

Organic Carrot Cake

Organic Blueberry Orange Walnut Scones

Organic Paleo Muffins

Articles by Dr. Margaret Aranda:

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