The Chronic Life Diet


We’re writing The Chronic Life Diet because it’s not just a book, it’s a lifestyle. It started in 2012, upon my return home to Los Angeles after age management medicine physician training at Cenegenics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Immediately, we threw away kitchen cabinet food boxes, boxes of everything and anything containing sugar, corn, additives, food coloring, or corn syrup.  We donated or threw away for fear that in reality, it was not a good gift. (Sure, we snuck in some ice cream here or there, and we still do!)

It’s about dietary things like the low-glycemic diet, where a great start is to eat whole food: if it runs, swims, flies, grows from a tree or the ground, it is more likely to benefit your body than artificial anything. By far, vegetables are the most major featured food in The Chronic Life Diet. Vegetables are an optimally preferred source of carbohydrates. They grow right there where you live, hopefully in your own yard. And organic is best.

I didn’t like the way my body was dependent on sugar. The more I ate sugar, the more I craved it. My appetite was too big. I adopted a new regimen, a nutritional and exercise regimen. I was also newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes and knew we had to prevent insulin secretion by eating low-glycemic foods. I realized the best breakfast for me was not oatmeal, because it still becomes glucose in the bloodstream, causing the pancreas to release insulin.  And I learned that wine causes cancer, oh drats!

Welcome to a lifestyle change that enables you to age healthy, not chronically sick. We know that your medical insurance plan is happy to help you get a kidney transplantation or a leg amputation. Empower yourself to spend extra money either keeping the body you have (so it doesn’t get worse) or making it better. Think about this: if you age sick, you will spend lots of money on syringes, insulin, and needles. Yes, it’s true. So feel free to invest in yourself now, instead of paying for a kidney transplantation.

Spend that money now on getting yourself in better health, for the sake of a longevity spent actively with many Happy New Years’ with family and friends.

And chase your grandbabies around the house!

Consider joining a weight loss program, buying or growing organic, building yourself up, and investing in yourself for 2018 and beyond!

Your health is your wealth.

Don’t let it go downhill.

Margaret Aranda, MD

~ ~ ~

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The Chronic Life Diet

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